1 TEACHER,1 LAPTOP: GES Direct Education Directors to resubmit names after submitting ghost names

The Regional Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Miss Mary Owusu has urged all Education Directors in the region to validate the names of teachers that have been sent to the regional office to initiate the distribution processes of the ONE TEACHER-ONE LAPTOP project.

According to a press statement shared with Educandghana.net, the attention of the Management of Ghana Education Service was drawn to the fact that some Metro/Municipal/District Directors of Education in submitting the name of teachers for the laptops have added names of persons who do not qualify, including non-teaching staff and retired or separated staff.

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The indications are that in some instances some strange names have been added with fake staff lDs.

Miss Mary Owusu has therefore directed district directors of education in the Ashanti Region to ask Headteachers to be responsible for the names being submitted. She however reminded all District Directors of Education and Headteachers that such conduct constitutes FRAUD.

All District Directors of Education are therefore requested to validate the list which has been sent and submit an updated list by close of work on Tuesday, 31st August 2021 through the email address (dirreduash@gmai.com ) with the attached template. District Directors of Education note that after the date above, they will be responsible for any such false data submitted.

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  1. So GES wants to tell us that they don’t have the data base of its employees?
    What kind service is this? Only one laptop to a teacher and you want the whole world to hear?
    This is very disgracing. Go to other countries and see how they have resourced their teachers. Only laptop and you want to launch it for all eyes to witness as if the laptops are free of charge.


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