2017,18 & 19 Batch of College Graduates plead with GES for postings

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NEW: 2017, 2018 & 19 batch of College graduates pleads with GES for postings

The Ghana Education ServiceGES in December 2020 posted graduates from the forty-six public colleges of education across the country.

The 2021 edition of the postings will commence any moment from now as the GES has indicated that it will recruit over 40,000 qualified graduates from the public colleges of education colleges and this however encompasses non-teaching staff as well.

According to GES, the 2020 postings covered all the 2019 COE graduates and some backlogs of the 2017 and 2018 batch.

Meanwhile, some graduates of the above-mentioned year batch could not get postings although they met all the requirements.
A post shared with Educandghana.net by some affected graduates indicates that about 1000 newly trained teachers did not get their postings although they meet all the requirements. They also attributed the delay in posting due to licensure issues.

“Myself together with about 1000 colleagues of ours who completed colleges of education in 2019 and some others who completed from 2017 haven’t been posted”, the post added.

According to the post, the said College graduates were directed by the GES to send their documents via GES email in which they did and have waited for weeks yet there is no green light concerning postings.

“Just when we weren’t posted we were directed to send our documents via GES email, we did that and waited for weeks yet there was no green light on our postings. Later we were asked to submit our documents to GES Headquarters which we humbly did. We have done numerous follow-ups to the Headquarters but we don’t get any news from GES meanwhile we qualify to be posted as trained teachers”, the statement indicated.

The group is however pleading with the major stakeholders especially the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education to come to their aid to include them in the upcoming 2021 postings.

“Please kindly help us get a response from GES because the depression is beyond our strengths”, the statement added.