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2021/2022 GES Recruitment Portal: All the Gist after Financial Clearance

2021/2022 GES Recruitment Portal: All the Gist after Financial Clearance

2021/2022 GES Recruitment Portal:  What Next after Financial Clearance? -All the Gist

The Ministry of Finance has granted the Ministry of Education financial clearance to enable Ghana Education Service (GES) to recruit thousands of graduates into the service. This is good news since many graduates will be employed to fill the gaps in the classrooms especially in the rural areas.


How Many Graduates will be Employed in the 2021 /2022 GES Recruitment?

The Ministry of Finance has directed the Ghana Education Service (GES) to recruit Sixteen Thousand-Eight Hundred and Fifty (16,850) graduates. This will only apply to graduates who meet the GES criteria of recruitment. Kindly take some minutes to check out the requirements needed to be employed by GES HERE. Without them, it may be very difficult to apply for postings.

Has GES started recruitment for 2021 /2022?

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has not started 2021 /2022 recruitment processes after the government issued financial clearance. However, the portal can be opened any moment from now. Unconfirmed reports have it that the portal will be opened on Monday, 22nd November.


Which Class of Graduates Can Apply for the Yet to Start 2021 /2022 GES Recruitment

Educandghana can authoritatively say that the financial clearance issued by the Ministry of Finance only covers GRADUATES FROM THE 46 PUBLIC COLLEGES OF EDUCATION. Though it was earlier indicated by the ministry of education that it will recruit over forty thousand teaching and non-teaching staff but it will be in phases. University graduates and non-teaching staff will be next after the service is done with graduates from the college, thus, if the recruitment trend is followed.

When will GES issue Appointment Letters to newly Trained Teachers


After qualified newly trained teachers have applied through the GES recruitment portal, appointment letters will be issued with an effective date of 1st December 2021.  New teachers should not get confused with appointment letters and payment of salary. Appointment letters are issued before salaries are paid.

When will GES Pay Salaries of Newly Trained Teachers after Recruitment?

The Ghana Education Service (GES) in collaboration with the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) will start to pay salaries of newly trained teachers after going through the biometric registrations processes with CAGD. Kindly read more about the payment of salaries in GES.  We have also prepared a guide with respect to how much a newly trained teacher is paid in Ghana.


Which Month will Newly Recruited Teachers Receive their Salaries?

As discussed above, salaries are paid to newly trained teachers after they have undergone the biometric processes. Being given an appointment letter in December means that the biometric processes may begin in the middle of December through to the month of May. However, staff IDs which are one of the basic requirements for the biometric process are released in batches hence salaries will be paid in batches as well. What you should know before the 2021 GES postings are released Read More


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