2021 /2022 GES Transfer and Release Update-Things Applicants Must Not Do

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2021 /2022 GES Transfer and Release Update-Applicants Must Take Note

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has revealed that the transfer and release applicants will soon be given their letters to effect the process.

Applicants are to note that the processes involved have been changed due o the change in the academic calendar.

A GES official who explained the processes to Educand Ghana Media revealed that the delay in issuing letters to applicants is a result of what the Ghana Education Service has experienced in the previous years. According to him, he indicated that most teachers who get their letters before the end of the academic year choose to leave the post before schools vacate hence the issuance of letters will commence after schools have vacated.

This simply means that most teachers abandon the classroom even when it is not time for them to move to the new school one has been reposted to.

What are some of the problems that will be faced by teachers who Go on transfer?

Every year, some teachers who go on transfer in one way or the other face problems. Some common problems that are encountered are issues of validation. Educand Ghana Media can confirm that the transfer of staff GES will commence in January and February 2022. Due to this circumstance, reposting letters may be delayed, thus, either the new region or district may still be under preparation to post individuals to their new schools.

What should be done to curb validation issues

Due to the delay that will be caused, it is advisable for all persons seeking transfer or release to build a good relationship with their current school management. This is because the former school will continue with the monthly validation processes till the management unit changes and one’s name start to appear on the CAGD Validation payment voucher of their new school.

It is advisable not to misbehave because you are leaving a school; this might hunt you. Thank you