2021 GES postings of teaching and non-teaching staff-Facts

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2021 GES postings of teaching and non-teaching staff-Things to Note

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has revealed recently that both teaching and non-teaching staff will receive postings in November 2021. It is the body responsible for posting newly qualified, trained teachers from the colleges of education in Ghana.

The GES is yet to release the recruitment portal for graduates who meet all of the qualifications to apply for job openings. The prerequisites for GES postings of newly qualified, trained instructors can be found HERE.

It has however revealed that about forty thousand and ninety-three (40,093) personnel will be recruited into the GES as teaching and non-teaching staff.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) in collaboration with the GES has revealed that the recruitment portal will be opened in November 2021 to enable qualified college graduates to apply for postings.

It is however deemed essential for persons to note that graduates from the 46 public colleges of education will be recruited in the teaching staff category.


GES postings of newly qualified, trained teachers from various institutions of education often occur in September each year. However, the 2021 edition has been delayed due to the following factors;
Difficulty in securing financial clearance;
The Ministry of Finance is trying to make provisions to include all the categories mentioned, thus teaching and non-teaching staff;


The current good news is that financial clearance will be issued by the ministry of finance this month (November) to enable the GES to employ all qualified newly trained teachers and non-teaching staff.

What you should know before the 2021 GES postings are released

The GES will release postings by December or January. Newly employed teachers will be posted to areas or communities where their services are most needed.
It is advisable to note that postings are done at the GES national headquarters and not at the district level hence any attempt to alter the place posted may put your recruitment at a risk.

To be safe, newly trained teachers who have been assigned to an unfavourable community or region should work for a while attempting to secure a transfer or release to their preferred location.