2021 GES PROMOTION: Titbits for applying-Avoid Mistakes

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2021 GES PROMOTION: Titbits for applying-Avoid Mistakes

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has opened the promotion portal for 2021 to enable qualified GES staff to apply to their respective professional ranks. This article is therefore to educate qualified applicants on mistakes to avoid during this 2021 GES promotion application.

It is key to note that applicants who fill the online forms with wrong information may end up having issues with in the release of their Index Numbers and results hence the need to pay attention to the following to avoid future anomallies.
Educandghana.net has gathered few ways to aid applicants to apply successfully without any aftermath problems. Kindly check out the details and documents needed for the application. CLICK HERE. Before you begin the online application promotion application process, kindly look for a hardcopy version of the form and fill. This is to guide you on how the information will be provided regarding the online promotion application.

It is also advisable to get scanned copies (i.e. soft copies) of your certificates and other documents needed on a pen drive or individuals are urged to upload these files on their Personal Computers before they go online to start the process. Moreover, very sensitive information needs to be checked and double-checked before and after inputting. They are:
Staff ID
Registration Number
Phone Number
Date of Birth
Present rank
Individuals are urged to note that an omission of any of the above will affect his/her application.

As much as possible, make sure you avoid having to go back online to effect corrections. It is therefore advisable for applicants to confirm every bit of information they provide before proceeding to the next page. Some of the pages may draw blank at the final analysis when you decide to download and print hard copies. Once you qualify per the advert and you make up your mind to apply, you must start preparing for the exam. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD GES PROMOTION PAST QUESTIONS- FREE DOWNLOAD

Applicants are also urged to take note of the underneath precautions during the 2021 GES promotion application portal. Prospective candidates should take note of the following:

  1. Use certified certificates and promotion letters.
  2. Pay particular attention to the typing of figures using the computer eg zero (0) and the alphabet O have similar shape, the alphabet l and the figure 1 are a bit close.
  3. Take note of notional and substantive dates. Do not inter-change them. NOTE: Notional date refers to the date the promotion letter was served and substantive date is the effective date for the promotion.
    Where there is only one date on your last promotion letter it means notional is not applicable.
  4. Try to complete the online application yourself or get a qualified person to assist.
  5. Do not leave the completion of your application to internet cafe attendants like the way some do for validation only to go for the print outs later. Even if the cafe attendants assist you, try to go through thoroughly.
  6. Also pay attention to your staff lD and registered number. Please do not inter-change them or provide wrong ID.
  7. You can seek further clarification from your district personnel or HRs.

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