2021 Payment of Teachers Professional Development Allowance-Date & Take Home

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2021 Payment of Teachers Professional Development Allowance-Date & Take Home

The payment of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) allowance to teaching and non-teaching staff in GES commenced in 2020 after the ministry of education, Ghana Education Service and the Teacher Unions in recent negotiations of the collective agreement on the conditions of service for teaching staff signed a memorandum of understanding that all teachers were to be paid continuous professional development allowance of one thousand and two-hundred Ghana Cedis (GH₵1,200) and eight hundred (GH₵800) for teaching and non-teaching staff respectively. The payment of the said allowance hit teachers’ accounts in November 2020 a month before the presidential election was held.

With regards to building teachers’ professionalism, there was an agreement between teacher unions within the GES and the national teaching council that an amount of one hundred Ghana Cedis per teacher should be deducted from the monies paid and credited to the National Teaching Council for the teachers’ professional license.

The then Minister of Education, Hon. Mathew Opoku Prempeh threw more light on what the teachers’ professional allowance was meant for. According to him, this was to enable teachers to build their professional competencies by partaking fully in GES workshops.


According to information gathered by Educandghana.net indicates that payment of the 2021 Teachers’ Professional Development Allowance will take effect soon. The government made it known to teachers that payment will be effected annually. Teachers are urged to note that since the allowance is meant for building professional competencies, there is likely to be a case where every year the Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Education, and the teacher Unions will collaborate in aiding the 21st Century teacher to upgrade in terms of professionalism by using part of this allowance.

A typical example is a deduction that was made by NTC last year for teacher licensing and the deduction yet to be made for the provision of laptops to teachers. The allowance will be paid in NOVEMBER 2021 in which part will be used to cater for laptops which will be distributed to every single teacher who works under the umbrella of GES. Teachers are expected to receive an amount of about GHS650.56 after an amount of GHS549.44 is deducted for the 30% payment of the laptop.