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The 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) has commenced with many inconsistencies. These irregularities are likely to affect the quality of data to be gathered by the field officers. has gone the extra mile to gather some reasons why quality data and complete coverage will not be achieved in the 2021 PHC. Check out the following factors;


The 2021 PHC mode of selection could have been one of the best but turned out to be the worse of all. Information gathered indicates that the selection of field officers was to be based on how well one excelled in the assessment conducted, but at the end of the training and assessments, individuals who performed well were rejected. Observations made from some districts indicate that individuals who attended the training are rather substituted for those who didn’t.

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GSS must not forget about the quality data from Ablekuma West. How come those who went for the training are been substituted for those who didn’t? Imagine your supervisor didn’t go through the training and you as an enumerator have issues with listing.

I saw a guy chalking and had left out a toilet facility been used by the occupant in the house cos according to hiM, toilet facility isn’t part. His supervisor, a facilitator had to come in before he will accept he was wrong.

Way looks if you use the protocol list, the chaff will be more. Ablekuma West is just in the game-a concerned citizen wrote


One major factor that will the reliability of data collected by field officers includes how enumerators and supervisors have been placed by the various District/ Municipal Census officials will be described as one o the worse. Placement done by some districts monitored by revealed that field officers were not placed in their respective communities even though surrounding communities had representatives.  It is reported that in the KINTAMPO SOUTH DISTRICT, enumerators were placed in unknown areas although all the surrounding villages or communities had individuals who were selected as field officers.

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Moreover, field officers who are placed in their own community of residence will likely collect quality data as well achieve complete coverage.


The listing of structures was expected to commence on the 13th of June, 2021 but Educandghana’s checks reveal that most districts had their materials for the exercise late on the above date. Some of the field officers received the remaining items today, Monday 14th June 2021.  This will however affect the data to be collected by the officers as some may be in a haste to meet the timeline given by the GSS.

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Most trainees are currently in the field working as officers without a penny being paid to them as a T&T allowance after the 11-day training organized for them. Initially, the Ghana Statistical Service decided to pay an amount of GH500 to trainees but later reduced it to GH330 which came as a disappointment to most participants. However, after the training, many are still begging to be paid the said meager amount. It will however interest you as a reader to note that some trainees were partially paid the promised amount (GH330) by GSS.  These and many more will hunt the quality of data that will provide field officers.
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  1. GSS is going to obtain the the poorest data in this 2021 PHC, How can a different tribe be choosen to go and carry out this exercise in a different tribe. Has GSS ever considered that? How can a Dagomba who don’t understand Konkomba be chosen to enumerate a Konkomba? I want GSS to answer me this questions. That’s the current situation at Zabzugu District, Northern Region.

  2. The least talked about it the better, no wonder Ghana is 6th on the corruption perception index. GSS planned in to fail and decided to haud the money for the exercise we are can you imagine being in the field without some basic materials like the power bank, boot, nose mask and no money is given for our movement and you think we’re happy in the field, infant only God knows. Because party faithfuls were recruited GSS are still thinking is a favor and hence care less about the field workers. My brother only God oo.☝️☝️☝️


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