2021 PHC: Field officers who don’t meet these requirements cannot be cleared/paid

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2021 PHC: Field officers who don’t meet these requirements cannot be cleared/paid

  • Clearance of all enumerators and supervisors is at three levels – EA/SA by the supervisor, District level by the DDQMT and validated at HQ for final payment.
  • Within the SA, the supervisor ensures that all the clearance requirements are satisfied before presenting the work of the SA to the DDQMT.
  • DDQMT ensures that all EAs within the SA have met the performance requirements of the contract. In preparation for the clearance session, the DQM downloads data afresh for the SA. DQM must submit the teams/SAs that have passed through the process successfully to HQ for validation. DIT must take the backup of all data on the tablets and collect all IT materials taking note of any lost items.
  • HQ validates the recommendations from DQMs and ensures that all EAs in the SA are on the GIS list of EAs that have been fully covered in listing.
  • HQ then compiles the list of SAs that have successfully passed the criteria and forward to the Finance team for final payment.

Note: Districts must be approved for clearance before any SA can be cleared.

2021 PHC: Requirements for the District level clearance is outlined below. DDQMT and Supervisors must check for

  1. Completeness of coverage of structures and population count
    a. All EAs in the SA must be accounted for in the database.
    b. All structures in the EAs have been listed and reflected in the database.
    c. All structures with household and non-household population have been correctly enumerated.
    d. Total population in each household identified during listing have been accounted for during main enumeration i.e., the sum of persons enumerated under usual members present and absent should be same as the numbers recorded during listing.
    e. Outdoor sleepers and floating population are enumerated in all locations identified during listing.
    f. The number of localities listed on the EA description form (PHC2) for each type3 EA has been accounted for.
    g. All data for the EAs assigned to a team must have
    i. No Duplicates
    ii. No Gaps
    iii. No Partial saves
  2. Consistency and accuracy of data
    a. All inconsistencies and errors identified in the data (Listing and Enumeration) by the DDQM for each EA have been corrected and reflect in the database.
    b. Average household size for main enumeration must be +/- 0.5 from that of listing.
    c. The number of vacant housing units during enumeration is fewer or same as the number identified during listing.
  3. Submission of data from the field (in the form of synced data and tablet backup)
    a. All data collected in each EA within the SA has been synced by the supervisor and reflect in the database
    b. The DIT should sync the data on enumerators’ tablets to HQ.
    c. A back-up of all data on the enumerators’ and supervisor’s tablet has been made by the DIT
    d. Upload the final backup data onto their respective folders on the Server.
    e. Ensure that the number of records on the tablets corresponds with what is in the database
  4. Retrieval of returnable materials/items
    a. The following IT logistics must be retrieved as applicable in same condition as were deployed to the Supervisors and Enumerators. Note: Ensure proper records are well taken
    i. Tablets
    ii. Charger (Charger head & Android Cable)
    iii. Power bank
    iv. Solar charger
    v. SD cards
    vi. SIM Card
    vii. Tablet Case
    viii. Tablet box
    i. ID card
    ii. Reflective jacket
    iii. SA/EA map and PHC2 iv. Questionnaires
    v. Certificates of enumeration
    vi. Call back cards
    vii. Chalk
    viii. Field supervisor’s scrutiny report


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