2021 PHC officers

2021 PHC Payment Schedule: Here is how field officers will be paid the remaining 70%

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has commenced payment of field officers for the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC).
Already, 30% of the lump sum has been paid to both Enumerators and supervisors. However, the GSS has commenced Payment of the remaining 70% lumpsum of persons who have met all the terms and conditions of the contract.

Meanwhile, the DDQMT has expressed worry over the delays in payment of the allowance left. According to the GSS, this is how payment will be scheduled: when an SA is cleared at HQ, names of all the field officers are submitted to the GSS for verification and confirmation of returnable materials retrieved from those officers.

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An SA may be cleared but if you don’t submit the needed items, payment may delay. The service has assured that it will continue payment till every single person receives his her share. However, Field officers in the Ahafo Region have started receiving payment

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  1. they are suppose to pay us for the mop-up which sum up to around 2300 but I have seen payment of 1700

  2. Kk we are waiting and hope to receive because it has been delayed and we don’t know why because no one explains anything to us

  3. GSS has disappointed we the field officers in their payment plan.
    As at now,a chunk number of us are still wondering why the monies are not coming,since there are no mistakes from us.
    Pay us and some of us has learned a serious lessons out of this exercise going forward.


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