single spine salary structure

2021 Salary adjustment for institutions on the Single Spine Salary Structure

Following the conclusion of negotiation on the 2021 Single Spine base pay, approval is, hereby, given for the attached salary structure marked ‘Appendix A’ which incorporates a four percent (4%) across board salary increase to be used to effect the payment of salaries of Public Service Institutions on the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS).

Associated arrears (January to June 2021) are to be effected as follows:

Payment PeriodArrears
August1 month (January 2021)
September             1 month (February 2021)
October1 month (March 2021)
November1 month (April 2021)
December2 months (May and June 2021)
2021 salary structure

In line with the Government’s White paper (paragraph 3.6b) on the Guidelines for the implementation of market premium the payment of interim market premium to existing beneficiaries should be the absolute amount calculated on the 2012 Single Spine base salary and not on the enhanced 2021 Single Spine base salary. Check out the 2021 salary structure below;

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2021 salary structure
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