2022/2023 Cut Off Points For Koforidua Technical University

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2022/2023 Cut Off Points For Koforidua Technical University (KTU) | Admission Requirements For Koforidua Technical University | Regular Admissions 2022/2023 | Postgraduate Admissions 2022/2023

It is that time of the year when WASSCE candidates and other applicants possess doubts and questions about the school to which they are applying and the course they are applying for. The 2022/2023 Koforidua Technical University (KTU) admission and cut off points are something that every applicant must glance through or consider when thinking about applying to the school.

KTU makes the cut off points available to help applicants and candidates who wish to gain admission into the university use them as a check to deciding or diagnosing their chance of getting admitted into the University.
The worrying thing about this is that, most people relegate cut off points with less knowledge about the power it holds in aiding people to gain admission into the school, cut off points are not only available at school, other companies and institutions have their cut off points and requirements which should be met before someone is employed or admitted into whatever they are applying for. Some things like these should not be overlooked.

Cut off points for most schools are not always available, however, they have some requirements that applicants are expected to meet before they can be offered certain courses in the university.
The general requirements for all applicants are as follows with the courses:

Courses and their cut off Points at Koforidua Technical University-2022/2023

Diploma in Public Administration

SSSCE applicants should have five passes in both core and elective subjects, while WASSCE applicants are expected to possess credit passes in six subjects, including Math and English Language. Mature applicants should be 25 years and above with proof of that age. They must also possess passes in the mature exams that will be conducted.

For the General Entry Requirements
SSSCE/WASSCE candidates must possess credit passes in three core subjects (WASSCE) or D for SSSCE applicants plus passes in two elective subjects.
Technical and certificate applicants must have a technician certificate (I or II) from a recognized higher institution.
Mature applicants must be 25 years before they can qualify to apply. They must have passes in the core subjects and passes in three elective subjects. They are also advised to have taken an interview and an entrance exam which is normally for mature applicants.
We reiterate that the cut off points for various schools are readily unavailable but entry requirements are usually utilized instead. The entry requirements can still be used to serve that purpose. Click HERE to access the cut off point of other universities in Ghana