2022 COLA for Public Sector Workers in Ghana-New Payment Details

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2022 COLA for Public Sector Workers in Ghana-New Payment Details

On the 14th day of July 2022, an agreement was reached between the government of Ghana and all organized labor unions in Ghana concerning the payment of the Cost of Living Allowances (COLA).

The government, represented by the Ministry of Finance (MoF), Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC), Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations (MELR), Ministry of Education (MoE), and the Ministry of National Security, finally agreed to make a 15% payment rate of COLA to identifiable worker unions and associations within the public service of Ghana.

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How to Calculate 15% COLA

July 1 2022 was scheduled as the effective date of payment of the Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) to public sector workers in Ghana.

Payment of 15% COLA Rate to Workers in Ghana

The recently granted 15 percent Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) is anticipated to reach public sector employees’ accounts by the end of August.

This revelation was made by the Deputy Minister for Employment and Labor Relations Bright Wireko Brobbey.

Other assurances from the implementers of the payment of COLA are as follows;

Bernard Adjei, the general secretary of the Public Services Workers Union, has stated that he anticipates the government to fulfill its commitment during this month’s payment window.

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The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission claims to have finished developing the procedures for paying the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) to all public sector employees.

What Caused the Payment of COLA to Public Sector Workers in Ghana?

The government agreed to pay workers 15% of their salary as a result of labor unrest and industrial activities, which led to the payment of COLA to public sector employees.

The workers had contended that their present pay was insufficient due to the deteriorating economic climate.

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Beginning on July 1, the government and the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission were able to reduce the 20 percent requirement to 15 percent.

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