CHECK: 2022 GES Newly Posted Teachers 4th Batch Staff IDs & Biometric Centres [All Regions]

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CHECK: 2022 GES Newly Posted Teachers 4th Batch Staff IDs & Biometric Centres [All Regions]

The fourth batch of staff IDs for new teachers who were deployed in February 2022 to various stations where their skills are required will be made available by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

The staff IDs are to enable new teachers to register for the biometrics to enhance the payment of salaries.

Newly qualified teachers who satisfy all GES posting standards are automatically issued staff IDs so they can go through biometric registration.

When will the Fourth Batch of GES Staff IDs be Released?

The fourth batch of staff IDs for newly appointed teachers is anticipated to be released in September 2022, with biometric registration set for that same month, according to the management of the Ghana Education Service (GES). Teachers are expected to prepare themselves for biometric registration as scheduled above.

Download Third Batch of GES Staff IDs

Newly posted teachers with queries

GES newly posted with queries such as wrong SSNIT numbers, no assumption of duty letters, and other staff IDs are unable to be generated.

New teachers with such issues are advised to submit their details to the management of the Coalition of Newly Recruited Teachers HERE.

Biometric Registration Date

The GES has released the biometric registration dates together with their various registration centres in addition to the staff IDs.

Individuals will need the following as requirements of the GES biometric registration; Ghana Card, original appointment letter, introduction letter from the head of the department, copy of the new entrant form, and an assumption of duty letter.

Biometric Registration Centres

The GES biometric registration centers are housed in the various GNAT Regional Halls. But registrations are carried out in a zonal system in which some regions are combined.

Salary Payment Date of Newly Posted teachers

The period one registers for the biometric always determines the date for payment of newly posted teachers.

Usually, after biometric registration is completed, people get paid the next month. As a result, a newly qualified teacher who completes biometric registration in September will be paid in October.

However, payment may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances on the side of the employer or government.

GES Fourth Batch Staff IDs Download

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