2022 June/July GES Promotion of Lower Ranks- Fresh Update

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2022 June/July GES Promotion of Lower Ranks- Fresh Update

The Ghana Education Service (GES) had previously assured its employees that in the 2022 academic year, it would do all feasible in its role as an employer to promote teaching and non-teaching personnel at lower ranks.

In a recent press release, the service stated that the verification procedure for qualifying applicants would be nearly done in May 2022, and that payment processes would begin in May and end in July 2022.

According to current information received by Educand Ghana Network, all GES lower rank employees who are due for promotion and have completed the requisite processes to be promoted will be promoted this month.

GES Reveals when Payment will be Effected-Promotion of Lower Rank Staff

According to information shared with educandghana.net, several names of senior superintendent II workers have been given to various GES municipal and district education directorates for possible promotion.

However, it’s worth noting that the GES management is presently focused on the 2016 and 2017 batches, whose promotions are long overdue.

As a result, all GES employees who fall within this group should expect to be promoted in batches. A few names from the 2016 batch have been spotted and verified for promotion this month, according to Educandghana.net.

In the meanwhile, qualifying candidates should contact their validators to find out when the validation portal isĀ opened for validation.

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