2023 Base Pay Negotiation Resumes Today-Get All the Latest Updates Here

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2023 Base Pay Negotiation Resumes Today-Get All the Latest Updates Here

For the eighth time in a row, the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) will meet with organized labor to resume talks on the base pay increment rate for 2023.

The numerous attempts to reach an agreement on the aforementioned subject have all failed. The government team and Organized Labor are scheduled to reassemble on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, for the resumption of the 2023 base pay discussions, according to the most recent invitation letter sent by the FWSC. The current proposal is made up of 58% from Organized Labor and 18% from the government. For more information on today’s (January 11, 2023) meeting>>> Click Here

Following numerous consultations with the government side, organized labor’s original stance of 60% was lowered to 58%. However, Ghana’s public sector employees have high expectations for their union leaders since they will accept nothing less than the present percentage that is being suggested by these leaders.

Continuous payment of COLA until >>>All the Current Updates Here

What are the expectations of public sector workers today as base negotiation resumes today?

According to observations and data acquired by Educandghana.net from a variety of media outlets, organized labor should not show consideration for the government because their extravagant lifestyles demonstrate that they have money and should not have to settle for less like they did in 2021 and 2022.

However, other citizens have expressed their views towards the whole negotiations process as follows;

“If gov’t insist on less than 40% increment of salaries then, it must brace for a marathon strike, in this new year by labor”

“Anything less than 40% will be a Disaster Because there will be a severe Economic Hardship This Year.No wonder some Pastors Predicted So many Labour Agitations”

“The highest pay rise the Ghanaian Single Spine earners have received since Single Spine introduction is 20% in 2011 and 18% in 2012. In 2020-2021 when Covid-19 was biting hard the Salary of Article 71 appointees was increased by 79% against 7and 4% for all other workers. Compare that to the 50+% workers are requesting for under all-time worse inflation.

The condition under which we should accept anything below 50% is government must reverse the 79% increment for themselves by half or more. As we speak lowest the highest Earner under “Article 71” takes ¢29,899.00 against Single Spine highest least of ¢4,324.00 thus ¢25,575.00 difference.

The least “Article 71 appointees takes ¢11,661.00 against Single Spine least of 178.00 a difference of ¢11,483.00. I hope those blindly politicizing everything get to learn something new and Change their mindset about national resource issues”

What is the Outcome of Todays Base Pay negotiation?

Salary negotiations ended inconclusively behind closed doors, with the government side holding at 20% with a 15% COLA and organized labor holding at 50% with the COLA scrapped. The meeting is adjourned to Wednesday, January 11, 2023, for a possible conclusion. It is expected that it will take place at the same venue at exactly 2 p.m. Get all the Latest Updates on 2023 Base Pay Negotiations (11th January 2023) Here