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BY: BAYUO LOUISA Concerned GNAT member
Is it necessary to have these unions at all in Ghana? If it’s really important to have unions, having leaders in the unions should be a matter of concern? Sorry if I’m a bit harsh. I asked these two questions out of the many because looking at all the public sectors in the country the teacher is the least respected. The teacher is least listened to by government and government doesn’t care about the welfare of the teacher. Please my dear brothers and sisters, is it a curse to be a teacher? No government cares about the teacher and it’s we teachers who give ourselves out to be used by these politicians to gain their powers and now turn to be their televisions which they use their remotes to control.
God have mercy on us.
You see, the most annoying part of everything is our leadership accepting the insults 4% called increment. This increment is an insult for which the leadership should have made it clear to them.

Please, my colleagues, do we have leaders who really care for our welfare?
I mean do we have leaders who really think about the people they are leading apart from themselves?
I now understand why many people want to get into the leadership position whatever and however it’ll cost them. I used to think they always want to get there and fight the ordinary teacher but its vice versa. I think when they get there they go into agreement with the government and instead of fighting the teacher’s welfare seriously, you’ll hear them talk and nothing, l mean nothing meaningful will come out of their talks.

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Let’s be serious about issues. If it were a particular sector the allowances alone teachers would have been picking would have made them better off. Everything they do would qualify for an allowance maybe apart from the teaching if it were in a particular sector.
I think we’ll have to stop deceiving ourselves and stand up to fight for something better for ourselves or we advise ourselves to exit from the big unions.

It will be regrettable to realize that the teacher’s fund is making us poorer and poorer. You will pick a loan from your own fund and end up paying almost the same amount you picked as interest and all they say is the interest will be shared among members. Do your calculations very well colleagues and see how much each member will earn from the interest and most teachers remain the least admired in society during and after active service. I think it’s better to exit from this fund and get a group of committed people to go into SUSU and tell you, we’ll do more than100% better than the loan they use to kill us. You know why the SUSU will be a loan without interest. Let’s think about it I’m leaving testimony to the loan issue I’m sharing with you.

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I’ve been thinking and pondering over certain things. How many teachers are able to at least put up a two or three-bedroom? How many are able to leave a decent life comfortably? But the funny thing is that the people we employ to manage the mutual fund are able to build decent houses for themselves and they’re even riding on luxurious vehicles. Somebody may say I’m lying but the fellow may also find out and there and then we will all get to know that our employees are better than us.

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How much is paid to the teacher for invigilation? I don’t know whether the soldiers of Ghana will begin shooting teachers if we all agree that we won’t invigilate if nothing good is done about it. If we don’t do good invigilation I don’t think there will be credible results so let’s think about it. Anyway, I’m just thinking aloud.

Please, my brothers and sisters, let’s respect ourselves, value ourselves, and allow the insults (coins) they impose on us and call them money like the 4% increment, payment of invigilation, workshops they will give you GH5, sometimes nothing or you’ll be asked to collect T&T from your headteacher who’s also struggling his or her ways out to manage the school.

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  1. No no no
    They’re a bunch of greedy milking associations.
    I wish I could opt out, like I will do it and fast.
    But where is the freedom of association and we’re forced into unions that care less about us?


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