A public sector worker pens an emotional letter to NADAA

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A public sector worker pens an emotional letter to NADAA

Following the government’s decision to increase public sector workers‘ salaries by only 4% and 7% for 2021 and 2022 respectively, a public sector worker has penned an emotional letter to the president of the republic, Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo (NADAA). Read the letter below;

An Emotional letter by a public sector worker

Mr. President. Good morning. First of all, thank you for reading my letter.

Am finding it very difficult to understand why and how you arrived at the decision of increasing public sector workers salary by 4% for 2021 and 7% for 2022.

Mr. President, you don’t pay electricity bill, you don’t pay water bills, you don’t buy food, you don’t buy fuel, you don’t pay for accommodation, you don’t pay for your medical expenses. Your wife is given monthly allowance that is higher than my pension pay. Your children’s medical bills including other expenses are catered for by the state through my tax and loans you contract in my name. You don’t pay for anything. Same goes to your Vice. The same goes for all your ministers and deputy ministers. MP’s also enjoy almost 80% of what you enjoy from the tax I pay as a public sector worker and the loans you pick in my name and the names of children am yet to father. Lets not forget the fact that I voted for you to become President so that you make my life better. Technically I EMPLOYED you to serve my interest.

On the other hand, as a proud teacher, I pay my water bill, light bill, buy my fuel, pay for my accommodation, pay my children’s school fees and medical bills. In fact, I pay for every little thing I need as a human being. My fundamental needs (water, food, power, rent/shelter, mobility) to survive as a human being keep increasing daily. I was living clinching on the hope that you will increase salaries to commensurate the general increment in the cost of living only to hear you increased salaries by 4% for all civil servants. I was also shocked you increased salaries of public sector workers by 7% for 2022, a year we know nothing about. Initially, I was content because you informed us in your 2021 SONA that you will not be increasing your salary, that of the VP, ministers, deputy ministers, and MP’s because of the economic crises that came with COVID-19, so public sector workers should not expect any substantial increase in salaries for the year 2021. This was understandable.

Mr. President, how come all of a sudden you have increased your salary by 70% plus, Ministers 57% and deputy ministers 53% when these persons don’t buy or pay for anything in Ghana?

You don’t pay for anything, you don’t buy anything. You enjoy everything for free just because I voted for you yet you deem it appropriate to increase your salary by 70% plus even in the face of COVID-19. I pay for everything, I buy everything, yet you deem it right and appropriate to increase my salary by 4% because of COVID-19.


Am waiting patiently for your response. Because I REALLY NEED TO UNDERSTAND.

Your Citizen