Absorb the 30% cost of laptops-Teachers task their union leaders

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Teachers have tasked their unions to absorb the 30% cost of laptops as the government absorbs the remaining 70% under the ‘one teacher, one laptop’ initiative. Teachers have directed the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Coalition of Concern Teachers-Ghana (CCT-GH), Innovative Teachers, and the All-Teachers Alliance Ghana to as a matter of urgency absorb the 30% cost which will be a one-time deduction from the Teachers Professional Development Allowance.

According to the aggrieved teachers, the leaders have negotiated for laptops of low quality hence the need to use each teachers’ dues they have been deducting for the past years to sort out the 30% (GHS 549.44) meant to be paid by them.  

Conversations closely monitored by Educandghana.net on various platforms reveal that the majority of GNAT members support the idea. Per our calculations, 17 months (1 year, 5 months) dues can cater for the remaining amount, that is (32.84*17=558,28).

However, some members of the GNAT have also expressed their displeasure towards the end-of-year packages where diaries are distributed annually out of the numerous dues deduction.

A teacher who narrated his ordeal indicated that he has paid union dues for more than 8 years and every year he gets only a diary. He revealed that he has received 2-yards of GNAT cloth once and a GNAT T-shirt which was distributed last in the year 2020. According to the teacher, He does not see any benefits that are derived from the payment of union dues.

Teachers have also asserted that the union leaders are the cause of their woes because a teacher will make contributions during their entire carrier but will not even enjoy 9% of their contributions before they leave the service. Teachers have further asserted that they pay their union leaders allowances they don’t deserve hence the need for them to pay the 30% from the dues.