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Aggrieved Public Sector Workers threaten Demonstration against Gov’t & TUC

Aggrieved Public Sector Workers threaten Demonstration against Gov’t & TUC-Details

The Coalition of Aggrieved Public Sector Workers of Ghana has threatened to demonstrate against the government and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) following their decision to increase salaries of public sector workers by an insignificant percentage of 4.


Speaking on an Accra Based Radio, Kasapa 102.5 FM, the President of the coalition, Norbert Gborgbortsi indicated that the government in collaboration with the TUC have taken Ghanaian public sector worker for granted as he quizzed why the government can afford to increase the salaries of Government officials but cannot do same for the public sector worker.

According to the President, the Aggrieved Public Sector Workers totaling about 600,000 persons believe it is an unfair treatment meted out to them hence the need to demonstrate. He revealed that the workers comprise Teachers, Nurses, CLOGSAG, and other public sector workers, and the security forces.


According to Norbert Gborgbortsi, he doesn’t understand why TUC agreed with the government in accepting the 4% salary increment and for that matter object to the decision of the Trade Union Congress decision.

He further revealed that the workers have set aside 6th of August 2021 (Pending Police Notice) to hit the streets over TUC’s agreement with the government for just 4% salary increment as he indicated a strike action will follow after the demonstration if TUC and the government still remain adamant by sticking still to the 4% increment. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO BELOW:


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