ALERT: Unemployed university graduates must take note of this vital information

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The Ghana Education service through its human resource department somewhere in January/February this year advertise for qualified graduates to apply online to go through a selection process for 6,500 teachers to be employed to teach in various Basic schools and senior high schools across the country. This is a yearly routine done by the GES to recruit some number of graduates from the various universities in the country.

Information made available to indicates that there are some unscrupulous persons who intend to dupe graduates in the name of providing postings or recruitment. They come in different forms as they use social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram, and others to operate.

There are Fraudsters, thieves, or scammers around who are giving FAKE Ghana Education Service (GES) Teaching appointment letters to desperate unemployed graduates. They have scammed and continue to scam people of their huge sums of money, some 3000s, 4000s, 5000s, and even 6000 Cedis by sending FAKE GES appointment pdf letters to people via WHATSAPP and Email Addresses.  They tell you “do not go to the regional office to check your name from the list of new recruits or so-called MASTER LIST” because it is a protocol thing.  When you finally find out it’s fake, they cut all contacts with you.

The most painful thing is to graduate from the university without a job but graduates are advised to be wary of the above subject to prevent future inconveniences. SHARE THIS PIECE TO SAVE A FRIEND!!

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