All SHSs must be upgraded to reduce the pressure exerted on some schools during placement-GNAT president.

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All SHS schools must be upgraded to reduce the pressure exerted on some schools during placement-GNAT president

The President of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Philippa Larsen has suggested to the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service to upgrade the various Senior High Schools in the country to help reduce the pressure always exerted on some particular schools during placement.

Speaking to the media, she indicated that there are about fifty-five (55) second-cycle schools in the country that always face placement pressure. This is because those schools are well equipped and have all the infrastructures needed to enhance teaching and learning.

“though it’s still a challenge and we are praying that going forward these things end; we are still praying that the necessary infrastructure development is put up in the schools. There are a lot of discussions concerning the placement and its subsequent registration. You will realize that in Ghana, though we have hundreds of schools, only about 55 of them are always under pressure of placement and registration. The reasons being that those schools have the standard infrastructure and the qualified teachers and all that. We expect that going forward, for the pressure to be eased on these few 55 schools there is the need for the minister to collaborate with other agencies or stakeholders to make sure that the other schools are expanded in terms of infrastructural development so that everybody can be in any school, after all, they are all Ghanaians. but you will realize that there are a lot of issues. We can upgrade all the schools gradually and within two to three years we can upgrade about 20 or 30 schools”

She also revealed that the GNAT supported the Ghana Education Service during the placement processes by providing accommodation to parents and students who traveled from far distances to the GES call center to solve placement-related problems.

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