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All you Need to Know About the Epayslip Portal upgrade & Nov. Validation

All you Need to Know About the CAGD Epayslip Portal upgrade & November Validation

The Controller And Accountant General Department (CAGD) has earlier informed public sector workers about the new upgrade of the Epayslip portal. The fact of the matter is that this is to embed the Third-Party Reference System (TPRS) features onto it.


This will help give workers the upper hand in managing their payslips online. Check out the benefits of the TPRS. However, there are issues encountered by most of the employees who try to access their Epayslips. Some issues like changes in the date of birth, double staff IDs, unable to login to the payslip portal, and many others.

Because of the system upgrade, CAGD directed employees to check whether their pictures on the payslips are validated or not. The reason is that, under the TPRS, the picture of a worker is a basic requirement in accessing a loan from any financial institution in Ghana. The picture can be by simply opening your E-payslip and Navigating to ‘my affordability’ where one’s picture will pop up. Under the picture, a boldly written text ‘validated’ will be seen. This implies that that the picture is validated by CAGD.


What Happens is the Picture is Unvalidated?

Employees who get ‘Not validated’ as feedback must wait for the Epayslip system upgrade to complete before any further action can be taken. After the upgrade, if the problem still persists, a current valid passport picture will be given to the validator or IPPD officer to upload it onto the CAGD ESPV portal for smooth validation.
Remember that, if this is not done, those seeking loans can not access it. This has become one of the requirements for the TPRS system of operation.


November Validation

According to CAGD, all upgrading processes concerning biometric images, wrong date of births, et’at will be resolved by the 24th of November. Therefore employees who receive their salaries through the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) are urged to stay calm as the validation window will be opened as soon as the Epayslip upgrade ends.


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