Andrew Serwer Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Career, Age, Parents, Husband, Awards, Social Media Handles

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Andrew Serwer Biography

Andrew Serwer is a native of Maryland in a place called Chevy Chase in the United States. He is a media personality who is known to base in Manhattan. Andrew is known to be a graduate of Bowdoin College.

Who is Andrew Serwer?

Andrew Serwer is known to be a journalist from the United States who is also a chief editor of Yahoo Finance. He was known to have managed Fortune from the year 2006 to the year 2014. However, he joined them in 1984 as a reporter before getting promoted to the position of associate editor.

Andrew Serwer

Andrew Serwer Net Worth: How Much Does He Have?

He has a net worth of between $1 and $5 million. He has spent 29 years working for Time Inc. and has made countless TV appearances. He is known to have created a good impression and relentless work effort with the likes of CNN, ABC, and NBC

Andrew Serwer Salary: How Much Is he Paid?

Andy Serwer receives a $79,900 annual salary on average. He serves as Yahoo Finance’s chief editor.

Andrew Serwer Career

Andrew Serwer clearly began her career as a senior writer at Fortune from 1995 to 1998. He came to prominence in 1997 with his “Street Life” web column, which at the time was a novelty and covered the characters and events on Wall Street.

In the May 22, 2000, issue of The New Yorker, James Collins penned the following: “Our hyperactive stock market has its own poet-singer—Andy Serwer. Achaea had Homer, the Spanish Civil War had Hemingway, California had the Beach Boys, and now.” The section eventually became “Captain’s Blog.”

Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco, are just a few of the co-founders of Microsoft and Oracle whom he has profiled in Fortune cover stories. Serwer was named Business Journalist of the Year by NewsBios in 2000.

They described him as “possibly the country’s top multimedia talent, effectively multitasking the roles of serious journalist, astute commentator, as well as an occasional court jester and the likes”.

Serwer co-hosted CNN’s “In The Money” and contributed frequently to “American Morning” on the network. Along with these appearances, he has written for Time, Sports Illustrated, Politico, and SLAM Magazine. He has also appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s The Today Show, and CBS This Morning.

In November 2006, Serwer was appointed managing editor of Fortune, taking Eric Pooley’s place. Serwer left the organization in August 2014 when Alan Murray was named as the new chief editor by company leaders.

Serwer was appointed Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Finance in 2015. He made his exit from Yahoo known on the final day of 2022. The New York Financial Writers’ Association’s 45th Elliott V. Bell Award was given to Serwer in 2012. Currently, aside from his media personality appearance, he is known to be a member of the board of trustees of Bowdoin College.

Andrew Serwer Parent’s Names

The parent information of Andrew Serwer is not revealed at the moment. He has kept his family information secret.

Andrew Serwer Age: How Old Is he?

Andrew Serwer is currently 63 years old as of the year 2023. He was born on September 16, 1959, in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in the United States.

Andrew Serwer Wife’s Name

Andrew Serwer is not known to be married. His family and private life are kept to himself alone, however, there is a possibility he is engaged.

Andrew Serwer Awards

In 2021, Serwer won the New York Financial Writers’ Association’s 45th Elliott V. Bell Award.

Andrew Serwer Social Media Handles

Andrew Serwer is on Twitter, where he has 15.7k followers.