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Application for GES Study Leave with Pay Forms-Download Now

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has officially released the study leave approved courses for the 2021/2022 academic year for GES qualified staff to apply. There are lots of mind baffling questions that need answers. This article will first seek to give some seeking answers to educate teachers who wish to go on study leave. The study leaves application form has been uploaded at the bottom of this article for download.

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Will study leave with pay still be effective as top-up programmes have been introduced by the various educational institutions?

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Study leave with pay will gradually be scrapped because GES has realized that you can further your studies while working and receiving salary at the same time. Due to this circumstance, study leave with pay will be considered as a waste of resources and a cheat. When this measure becomes effective, one can do the Sandwich or Distance programs without being a victim of the rumour that the regular has more advantage against the Sandwich.

Do you apply for admission before applying for study leave with pay or do you apply after gaining admission into the university?

Previously, individuals used to apply for admission and also apply for study leave at the same time while waiting for the outcome. But currently, the trend has changed per the directive that came this year (2021), you apply for the study leave first before applying for university admissions.

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 What do you do in case you gain admission but you are denied a study leave with pay?

When you apply for study leave with pay and you are denied, it means you are either not qualified or the number allocated to that particular course is full hence you either have to defer the course for next year or you go ahead to pursue the course without salary. That is when you can fund yourself without the salary. Better still; you can make an internal arrangement with your headteacher so that you can go to school to study and come back to school to teach 2 days out of 5.

My question is what is GES doing about the study leave with pay applicants whose admissions have been delayed due to abnormal times?

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From the checks of, thousands of teachers applied for study leave with pay in this particular year. Many applicants are dumbfounded as to when their status will be made known to them but applicants are to expect it when universities commence the admission process. Click below to download the GES study leave with pay application form.
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