Are E8 And D7 Accepted In Teacher Training College In Ghana?

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Are E8 And D7 Accepted In Teacher Training Colleges In Ghana?

People anticipating entering the teacher training college are often filled with a lot of questions about how to get into the teacher training college. Most of these questions are just doubts that fill the heads of these desiring students. Questions like, when are teacher training colleges going to open their admission portals? Are the training forms out now? What are the requirements needed to be admitted to the teacher training college? Are E8 and D7 accepted in the teacher training colleges in Ghana and a whole lot more questions like that?

Whether you are asking these questions or not, you should be in the know about what is accepted in the teacher training college and what is not. Knowing the admission requirement and the cut-off points of schools will do a lot of good to you and many. The question above is addressed below;

Is E8 or D7 accepted in a teacher training college?

The answer to this question is NO. Applicants with grades like these will have to make them better before they apply to any teacher training college in Ghana.

The reason is that teacher training colleges are institutions that produce tons of teachers that are in the system now. And hence they try to accept the best students from senior high t make sure that they give out the best products they can.

Others indeed get better after they are admitted into the school, but what is the guarantee that that person will make that massive improvement. Intelligence should not be measured by grades but sometimes it is needed to keep things in check.

If Grades were overlooked in the admission process of applicants, most of them will only get lazy to learn, remember most students also learn to improve their grades and not to know.

What is the admission requirement for teacher training colleges?

For WASSCE applicants, a pass mark in three core subjects made up of Math, English, and Science or Social studies, that is to say, they need (A1 to C6) in any of the three subjects above and passes in related elective courses.

SSSCE Candidates should have passes (A-D) in the core subjects (mathematics, English Language, and Social studies) and the same in related elective subjects or better.

TVET applicants should have credit passes in the core subjects including English Language and Mathematics and passes in the elective subjects as well.

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