Aside from the failure of teacher unions, Here are the 4 major issues ignored by GES

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Aside from the failure of teacher unions, Here are the 4 major issues ignored by GES

There are many issues taking place between CAGD and GES, which could be described as Broad Day Robbery. The ‘Teacher Unions’ that are supposed to be fighting for these vulnerable and voiceless teachers don’t seem to care. I don’t really know their roles as Unions for their members, whose dues are used to pay them. Perhaps they are also there to take off the little meat left in the bones of teachers and finish them off as in the game of ‘Mortal Combat’.
These issues being raised are factual and can be seen on the face of the payslip.
Aside from the woes of the teachers with 4&7% salary increment, they are suffering from the following;

    The illegal deduction of teachers salary by GH₵10.00, claiming to be insurance for teachers is ongoing. Teachers who were employed last year, 2020 and this year are being deducted forcefully without their concern. What a lawlessness? Deducting somebody’s money without his/her approval. But the Teacher Unions, claiming to be fighting for the welfare of the teachers sit aloof.
    Professional teachers are supposed to get a step/point up each year, depending on the effective month of upgrading. Most of us were supposed to received this last year September, which was our effective month of upgrading. I monitored the validation of my teachers and realized those who pushed (coded) got it earlier but those of us who didn’t push received ours this August (the last month to enter the next step) when they realized we weren’t going to push. To add salt water to injury, only one month arrears was paid, denying the poor teacher of about 10 months. What a robbery!
    Professional teachers, assigned additional duties are supposed to receive a responsibility allowance. After waiting for so many years and going through hell before being placed on the said allowance, it’s taken off immediately after upgrading even if it’s just one month. Very sad.. right?. When I asked the staff of the CAGD during their official training of validators, he responded that, it’s an error from those entering the data. That instead of selecting the rank with responsibility, they select the one without responsibility. This claiming error doesn’t occur to two or three people, but almost all those upgraded with the allowance. Isn’t this intentional for the victims to push (coded)? Will a child buy this story?. This is what they want us to believe…
    After going through the complex GES promotion and luckily coming out successfully, the toughest part is to be placed on the right rank. Those who were successful in the recent promotion test organized in February this year, are yet to see the face of the moonlight since August validation came without it. Meanwhile, they were supposed to be promoted last year, 2020. You’ll be surprised to hear/see that this upgrading will come at anytime without arrears.
    These are just some of the numerous problems, backed by evidence that teachers are going through but still trying their best in the absence of textbooks, curriculum and other resources to educate the Ghanaian Child.
    ‘The hardworking, competent, selfless and caring Teacher Unions are working tirelessly, day and night for the welfare of the billionaire teachers’.
    Maybe the President is aware of these troublesome situations, hence his statement that teachers can’t be billionaires. He’s perfectly right. How could you survive with the transportation to work, accommodation, water and electricity bills, clothes and taking care of your wife and children with a monthly salary of GH₵ 1,500 including these sabotaging conditions of the Ghanaian Teacher. You expect the brilliant, gifted hardworking personnels to remain in this field. You really prioritize education in Ghana than other sectors.
    It’s time to fix things…

Aside from the failure of teacher unions, Here are the 4 major issues ignored by GES-By: A Concern Teacher and Local GNAT Secretary

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