Awaiting Forms For Nursing Training Colleges-2022/2023

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Awaiting Forms For Nursing Training Colleges-2022/2023

Here is How to Apply for Nursing Training Colleges Admissions Using Awaiting Forms Option-2022/2023

The Ministry of health has good news for all who wish to apply to the nursing training college but are yet to get their results. That is to say, awaiting forms for the nursing training college -2022/2023 are available for applicants whose results are yet to be released.

What is an awaiting form?

An awaiting form is a form that allows candidates who have not gotten their results to apply for admissions. That is to say, it is a system of application where candidates awaiting the release of their results are given the chance to apply for admission.

Nursing training college has such a system that allows candidates to apply for admission in 2022.

Who Is Eligible For Nursing Training College Awaiting Forms?

  • WASSCE applicants: Applicants who just wrote their exams for WASSCE and are awaiting the release of their results are qualified to apply for admission with the awaiting process. They should also know that if they are sure of their results, as in, if applicants are sure the least grade will be C6 in the core subjects and other elective subjects, then they may go ahead and apply.
  • Candidates waiting for the May/June 2022 WASSCE and NABPTEX results may also apply.

How To Apply for the Awaiting Forms For Nursing Training Colleges-2022/2023

  • You will have to buy the code from any Agricultural Development Bank or Ghana Commercial Bank.
  • Make sure you know the Nursing training college you wish to apply to and enquire from the teller at the bank for the right choice.
  • You will receive a voucher that will contain the PIN and Serial Number that will be used to access the form.
  • Visit to access the form
  • Click on “apply” and enter the PIN and Serial Number to fill the form.
  • Fill all parts correctly and print the form out but keep the PIN and other numbers till you are sure of your status.


  • If you are shortlisted, you will be required to confirm and attend an interview
  • After the interview, do well to check the interview results
  • You will be given an offer letter, check it out and print  it out as well
  • Confirm the admission fee
  • Make sure you pay at a bank that is recommended by the college
  • When all of this is done, do well to report to school on time

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