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Benefits of attending college of education over university in Ghana

Many students prefer to attend the University to attending a college of education in Ghana.

Attending University in Ghana is considered to be a greater achievement to some students hence many try to under rate the college of education student.


Senior high school students always have dreams of attending some of the most prestigious universities in the country. That’s not bad- it is good for every person to dream big. But one thing I have observed is that most of these students lack direction and guidance in most of the decisions they make. Most of these people make decisions based on their friends’ which can, in turn, be very dangerous decisions that may endanger their lives.

This article is by no means underrating university education in Ghana but only seeks to enlighten the upcoming form graduates from the Senior High School graduates. I will say, university education in the late ’90s was very profitable. Big public and private companies used to wait at the entrance to pick up graduates on the day of completion or graduation. Work was readily available to graduates especially those with good classes. Immediate employment with excellent working conditions and terms awaited university graduates, but it is the opposite in this era. Truth be told, most university graduates are rendered unemployed after spending huge sums of monies to cater for their education. To an extent that there is an association of unemployed university graduates in the country. I guess you have never heard of unemployed college graduates…right?


In 2020, the Ghana Education Service recruited about 16,500 trained teachers from the forty-six (46) public colleges of education in Ghana. In the same period, the GES opened a recruitment portal to cater for university graduates with educational backgrounds to apply for employment. It will interest you to know that the service received over 50,000 or more applications and out of this total number, about 6,000 applicants were picked. What happens to the rest?

These are the reasons why you should choose the teacher training college now university colleges over universities;



Graduates from colleges of education upon serving the nation for one year are posted to places where their services are needed. During your national service, you are paid monthly allowances which will help you ease your burden. The government is mandated to employ college graduates right after their national service but not university graduates. If you want to secure a job, then choose the college.



College students enjoy monthly allowances of about GH400. This is paid according to the number of months students stay on campus during each semester. In addition, these monies help the students to cater for their feeding and other stuff which a university student wouldn’t enjoy. Don’t also forget that the training colleges have been upgraded to tertiary status hence students can apply for students’ loan which the university student also enjoys.



Since training colleges are university searchlight campuses, it has upgraded certificates that are awarded to students after graduation. Colleges now award Degree certificates upon successful completion, thus, Bachelor of Education (Basic) degree certificates. If you want to offer a basic education course or programme at the university, kindly go to the college for job security’s sake. It is sometimes funny when I hear people say, “it is people who have weak passes that go to the college”- this is a fallacy. People will hail you when you find your way to the university but won’t find you a job after completion. it is fun to be a university student though.


Imagine completing senior high school in the same year with your friend whom you deemed has weak passes. He went to college and after 3-4 years was employed. You went to the university and within 4-5 years was ready for the job market- you keep on applying for employment and you aren’t getting any for some number of years. Between your friend and you, who made a better choice?


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