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Blogging sites in Ghana

There is an uncountable number of blogging sites in Ghana. it is estimated that over 600,000 new blogs are created daily.

Meanwhile, there are over 600 million blogs in the world out of over 1.9 billion websites.

What is the difference between a blogging site and a website?

A form of website is a blog. The only true distinction between a blog and other types of websites is that blogs are regularly updated with fresh content, which is displayed in reverse chronological order (new blog entries appear first). A blog, on the other hand, is more active and is updated more regularly. Bloggers usually publish new multiple articles on daily basis.

In Ghana, there are types or categories of blogs. Blogs are created to cater for specific niches. However, there are others that are categorized to be general because different articles are related to different niches. Learn more about how to create a blog and how bloggers make money from their blogs.

Types of Blogs in Ghana

  • News blogs
  • Political blogs
  • Food blogs.
  • Sports blogs
  • Travel blogs.
  • Entertainment and Lifestyle blogs.
  • Fashion and beauty blogs.
  • Personal blogs.
  • Business blogs
  • Book and writing blogs

Whereas some blogs cover only one niche or area others cover more than that. In short, there are blogs that serve as news blogs, entertainment, business, or more at the same time.  They can be termed multipurpose blogging sites.

In this article, we will throw light on some popular blogging sites in Ghana that netizens have been yearning to know.

 Here is a list of some popular blogging sites in Ghana According to their Niches

  • Entertainment and Lifestyle Blogging Sites in Ghana

some popular entertainment blogs in Ghana include,,,,,,,,,,, and many others.

  • News Blogs in Ghana

There are many blogs in Ghana which serve as news portals. It is updated frequently with news items daily. Checks made reveal that popular and bigger news portals such as Ghanaweb, Myjoyonline, and citfimonline, publish at least 20 to 50 articles daily for the perusal of the general public. Other news blogs include,,,, and many others.

  • Political Blogs in Ghana

Some political blogs in Ghana include Ghanaweb, myjoyonline, citifmonline,,  ,,,, etc. Blogs under other categories include,, and many more.

  • Online news portals in Ghana

A news portal is an online communication channel for internet users that is read all over the world. A news portal is a point of access to news; it is commonly thought of as an Internet connection to a news source, but the term “Portal” can also refer to a newspaper, magazine, or any other source of news. Examples of online news portals in Ghana include educandghana, Ghanaweb, myjoyonline, citifmonline,,  ,,,

Businesses to start with little money in Ghana

Currently, blogging is one of the best online money-making businesses in Ghana which one can start with very little money in Ghana. it is of no doubt that when one discovers his/her niche, the individual makes a lot of money through it. Learn more about starting and earning through blogging in Ghana.