Building of Portfolio for NTC License Renewal-2022

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Building of Portfolio for NTC License Renewal-2022

Did you know that the NTC portfolio building for teachers has begun for the year 2022?

Don’t be left out:

The National Teaching Council (NTC) as part of the measures to enhance teachers’ professionalism, introduced the licensure of teachers. Currently, issuance of the license to teachers nationwide is ongoing.

Teachers who have not received their license due to anomalies are encouraged to read this article to help resolve the issue. Most of these issues are due to inactive accounts. Have you wondered about how the NTC can activate your account on the Teacher Portal Ghana? Then click HERE.

Fats forward, let’s take a look at the how one can build his/her portfolio to enhance NTC license renewal. Building of the portfolio attracts points as previously revealed by the council.  

What is the NTC Teacher Portfolio About?

This is the first task expected to be completed by teachers in the portfolio page which is about teaching philosophy. Teachers whose accounts have been activated so far have until Thursday, December 1, 2022 to complete their portfolio before it is submitted for review.

In completing the NTC portfolio task as part of the license renewal process, evidence for uploading, therefore, every group work or exercises that a teacher conduct in the various classrooms during lessons must be captured down on a cellular. Additionally, if one receives Cledor certificates, there is a task which demands it to be uploaded.

Major Targets For the 2022 Portfolio for NTC License Renewal

  • Teaching Portfolio
  • Preparation of Scheme of Learning
  • Learning Plans (15 per-term)
  • Evidence of work done as a teacher
  • Reflective Practice
  • Evidence of Professional Development
  • Evidence of participation in school-based activities
  • Participating in co-curricular activities
  • Problem identification, strategies, and intervention processes (action research)

Teachers are urged once again to visit the teacher portal from time to time in order to monitor their progress and the activites expected to be udertaken.