CAGD April 2023 Salary Validation-Check Details & Arrears

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CAGD April 2023 Salary Validation-Check Details & Arrears

The management of the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) has activated the Electronic Salary Validation Portal for the month of April. The portal which was activated on the 19th of day of the month came with a lot of unexpected surprises for public sector workers.

Information gathered and obtained by Educand Ghana Network indicates that newly employed teachers who took their biometrics in the previous months have been paid with some months’ arrears as expected.

Also, the CAGD has cleared arrears of teachers who received an upgrade in their rank in the month of JANUARY 2023. The arrears which appeared on the validation portal and were supposed to be paid to these individuals were reverted during payment.

The controller however explained the reasons why it could not make payment and promised to make amends in the coming months. Our network can exclusively confirm that all persons who were affected by the said anomaly have been paid in the month of April 2023. This can be confirmed by contacting the validators of the various management units.

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