CAGD Epayslip login Portal-Click to Login

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CAGD Epayslip login Portal-Click to Login

The Controller and Accountant Generals Department (CAGD) has introduced a login Epayslip portal for all government workers who receive their salaries through their system.

The portal has been created to replace the traditional system where heads of departments used to go to the office at the end of every month for payslips printouts.

The CAGD Epayslip login portal is to cater for the following issues;

Here are the challenges the CAGD Epayslip Portal seeks to solve

  • checking of monthly pay lips
  •  generating of mandate form
  • changing of mobile phone number
  •  change of labour union association
  • Reporting wrongful deductions
  • Checking affordability
  • Supplementary payslip, etc

A worker who receives his/her salary through the CAGD must register for the Epayslip in order to have login access. New entrants are supposed to contact their validators or head of departments for a generated payslip registration code on the Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (ESPV) portal to enable them to register on the payslip.

Start your registration process by clicking HERE.

However, persons who have already been migrated to the payslip portal are urged to login to their Epayslip portal by following this LINK. Provide your credentials and enter the reCAPTCHA code that will be given and login to access your payslip.

On your dashboard, navigate to access the features mentioned above. Teachers can, however, click HERE  to change their teacher association easily.

For persons who want to change their phone numbers on the Epayslip to void nuisance messages are urged to follow this GUIDE in order to do so.

Persons are however advised to keep their staff IDs and passwords safe in order to protect themselves from some fraudulent people who parade themselves as loan officers. Some of these individuals can login to your CAGD Epayslip to generate a mandate form if they get access to your staff ID and password. Please note that the mandate form gives access to loan companies for deductions.