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CAGD TPRS Benefits to GoG Employees-Workers now have the Mandate

CAGD TPRS Benefits to GoG Employees-Workers now have the Mandate

The Controller And Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) Third-Party Reference System (TPRS) has got many benefits to the Government of Ghana (GoG) employees.  The new upgrade of the TPRS is to cater for the following areas;

  • Payslip Access and with username and password;
  • Uploading of bio picture on the payslip
  • PIN and Mandate Number Generation
  • Presentation of mandate number to TPI to initiate transections
  • Presentation of mandate PIN to TPI to complete TPRS transaction

What is Third Party Reference System (TPRS)?

TPRS is a system that allows Third Party Institutions to deduct from source; Loan repayments, Insurance Premiums, Welfare Contributions, Credit Union Dues and Hire Purchase Repayment from the GOG Employee’s Salary. TPRS prevents fraudulent deductions from employees’ salaries.

Benefits of TPRS:

  • Addresses issues relating to Wrongful Deductions by TPIs
  • Addresses affordability issues and credit worthiness of GOG employees which enables them seek facilities with third party institutions.
  • Helps reduce delay in processing transactions.
  • Helps eliminate pay slip fraud and impersonation.
  • Replaces manual processing of transactions.

Who is a TPI?

TPI stands for Third Party Institution. These are organizations that have been verified and registered by CAGD to do business with Employees on the government payroll. Their business is facilitated by the TPRS System.


GoG Employee’s Responsibilities when Engaging a TPI

  • Employee logs onto the E-payslip portal and check to confirm uploaded passport picture
  • Confirm affordability and proceed with transaction with TPI
  • Generate a Mandate Number after which a corresponding “Mandate PIN” (One Time Pin Code) will be sent to your registered phone number.
  • Proceed to Third Party Institution with a valid National ID and passport picture to complete all necessary documentations.
  • The mandate PIN will be auto generated. Take note that without providing the PIN, no T PI can process a transaction on an employee. Hence sharing the Mandate PIN code with the T PI agent indicates your consent to proceed with booking the transaction.
  • The employee will no longer submit a manual Loan & Advance form and Authority Note to Head of Management Unit to sign.

General Guidelines and Notes to GoG Employees

  • Keep passwords safe. Do not at any time give out your pay slip credentials.
  • Avoid impersonation and fraud with regards to providing wrong details to Third Party Institutions in the hope of fraudulently securing loan facilities.
  • Avoid providing fraudulent information.
  • Check your payslip regularly and report any unauthorized transaction to any CAGD office

E-payslip – A Perquisite to Access the TPRS by GoG Employees

This intelligent system is designed for GOG Employees to have electronic access to their payslip information. The electronic payslip can be accessed either on your mobile phone or any computer with an internet connection. This payslip portal allows you to check your Affordability, Generate Mandate Number, Change Association, Report Wrongful Deductions, and examine Third-Party Deductions in addition to checking current and historical payslip information.


Employees can however Register or Login to the CAGD / GoG TPRS E-payslip Portal HERE. We have prepared a Guide to assist persons who wish to change their phone numbers on the CAGD /GoG E-payslip Portal as well.



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