Causes of students dropping out of school

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Causes of students dropping out of school

Some children across the continent drop out of school for reasons which are always beyond the control. Others stop schooling due to their own decisions. In all, there are some general factors that cause school drop-out, especially in Ghana. the following factors cause a child to drop out of school;


Financing education in the part of our world is very costly hence deprive the poor of accessing education being it at the higher or lower level. Many children of school-going age in Ghana do leave school due to the inability of parents to finance their education. They leave the classroom to go in search of money to enable them self-finance their education but in the end, drop out completely. In the northern part of Ghana especially where there is a high rate of poverty, students travel to the southern part of the country in search of greener pastures which in turn hinder them from returning to the classroom.


A situation where parents are no more together as married couples can also cause dropping out of school. When a situation of broken homes occurs, no one controls the child and as result takes his/her own decision. Students, therefore, making their own decision can decide to use school periods for something different, can travel without the consent of anyone, and many more. This however affects school attendance and the end result is dropping out. There may be instances where the mother of the child may think the child is with the father and vice versa-meanwhile, the child may be at an unknown location. This all is a result of the parents break up and not staying together.


Many students who drop out of school end up being smokers and drunkards. This is because of the peer influence from friends. Friends lure their colleagues into a lot of illicit activities which in the end pull them out of school. A student who is influenced by his/her peers to smoke or drink may end up stopping school because it goes against the rules of the school. To avoid making trouble with teachers, he/she must drop-out.


Students who have the love for money while in school mostly drop-out. This is very common in the rural areas where there are activities of surface mining (galamsay). At the galamsay sites, children of school-going age are mostly seen. Well, some are always there for genuine reasons whereas others are there for money at the expense of their education. Students who develop an early love for the paper normally end up throwing their education into the gutters.

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