CHEREPONI: District Education Director refuses to refund training allowances to teachers despite directive

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CHEREPONI-GES LIVELY MINDS: District Education Director refuses to refund training allowances to teachers

The District Education Director in the Chereponi District has refused to refund monies belonging to teachers who attended a workshop training. The Ghana Education Service (GES) Lively Minds earlier on the 12th of September 2021 organized a 5-day training workshop for the kindergarten teachers in remote areas.

The GES lively Minds is a programme is specifically designed for implementation in remote rural communities and has been co-created with local government and communities. It works through Ghana Education Service (GES) and the kindergarten system. Kindergarten teachers act as trainers and the mothers come into the classroom every day to give a helping hand to teachers

According to a previous post published by Educandghana.net on the 19th of September 2021 detailing how teachers who attended the workshop were cheated with respect to the payment of allowances, feeding, and T&T  after the training, the leadership of the GES Lively Minds programme ordered the Chereponi District Director of Education,  Mr. Kwame Matikpa Alex Philix to refund monies to the victimized teachers.

The leadership of the programme gave the district director an ultimatum to make refund monies before the 24th of September, 2021 but the GES director refused to pay heed to the directive. A teacher who spoke to Educandghana indicated that Mr. Kwame Matikpa has lied to the leaders of the programme that he has refunded the monies to the affected teachers.

“they asked the district director to refund monies by the closing of Friday, 24th September 2021 to the affected teachers and he informed the people (GES lively Mind Coordinators) that he had to refund the monies meanwhile he did not give money to any of the affected teachers”, the teacher explained.

The affected teachers are therefore calling on all educational stakeholders especially the leadership of the programme to come to their aid to enhance the success of the two-year programme.