Classroom Management Success-Defend Against Boredom

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Classroom Management Success-Defend Against Boredom

Boredom is a major enemy that kills successful classroom management practices. It is however noted that the more a teacher engages his/her students, the more they learn and get connected with what is being taught. It is tough to create engaging lesson plans which keep the students connected and engaged. Boring doesn’t take a lot of time and it is easy.

In my little experience in the classroom, the days I used to get encounter challenges in the classroom was when my lessons were planned few minutes to the lesson.

Mind you, students hate boring lessons. You can inquire from any teacher who do not prepare adequately before going to class for any length of time -they will tell you that when students are get bored, they will sit quietly and tune out, while others will look for ways to get un-bored. Mostly, these students will look for means to disrupt your lesson.

Something that I learned during my out segment was that an engaged student is not a behaviour problem.  As a teacher you should accept that students aren’t in school to be managed -and by engaging them often, interested and forward moving, they will do most of that work for you.

To keep students engaged will depend on how successful the lesson plan is, but its not easy as it appears. It is not usually it easy especially when you and your students have different opinions of what is interesting.

Just because the lesson is interesting to you as a teacher does not mean it will interest your students. In fact, you as a teacher will have to learn to assume that the concept that you are trying to the students is NOT going to be interesting to them. This should however push you to be more creative and find ways to inject something that would make the topic livelier and more attractive. You should look for new ways of teaching an old topic to keep the students interest alive.

Most teachers feel obliged to use the textbook lessons. I know a lot of new teachers feel the same way. Some teachers read from textbooks to their students which is wrong. From my little observation made, I realized that textbook lessons are mainly created for the typical student. Teachers who use textbook lessons get students bored.

Believe me, everything will begin to change when you ignore textbook lessons. Teachers who create their own lessons and use the textbook only as resource material. Incorporate your own personality, your passion, and your stories /examples. Connect your personal stories to the lesson and you will be able to keep students from getting bored and as a result, classroom management will be improved.

One most vital but easily disregarded with respect to classroom management is the importance of being yourself. Facilitators who follow the management systems and advice of others without factoring in their own strengths and areas in need of improvement are likely to be ineffective and frustrated. As a teacher, you need to take some time to figure out your strengths in the classroom. You will have to know your students well and many of that. If you do more of these, you will be more comfortable with yourself. The increased confidence will allow you as a teacher to connect with your students and also to act quickly to minimize or prevent problems once they occur.

Following the above is really stressful and requires some time and effort. The decision lies in your hands to walk away from the textbook suggested lessons. I will urge you to consider the question, “Is this lesson boring or interesting to kids?” the next time you write or plan your lesson.

The impact lessons have on your students is very important hence create exciting and engaging lesson plans.