GNAT members amend constitution

Teachers especially those who belong to the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) have always blamed their union leaders for insensitive to their plight. The narrative needs to change this time around as teachers need to write a strong-worded but concise letter to GNAT, with over one hundred thousand (100,000) signatories of membership to demand action.

According to some staunch members of the union, members need not leave the union but help reshape it.

” We don’t need to leave, we must stay to make it better for our benefit(s) until persuasion fails”

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However, the views of some members gathered by suggest that there are critical issues to be looked at by the association.

Some of the issues to be looked at by the GNAT include:
Condition of service( teachers must fully be consulted before any major agreement is reached on our behalf). For example, issues regarding payment of arrears, teacher promotion, upgrading, et al.

Politics within the association (GNAT). Anyone who occupies a position in GNAT must be a teacher and must be devoid of party politics. Also, every teacher must be entitled to choosing our leaders.

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Teachers fund The fund managers must ensure that the fund is useful to the teacher whilst in active service. Teachers don’t need to die before the money is donated to their families.
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  1. Please Gnat is really aware of teachers legacy arrears spanning 2012-2016 batches but they are silent, please tell government to pay our legacy arrears by ending of this month else face the wrath of aggrieved teachers


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