CONFIRMED: GSS clarifies issues concerning training allowances of ongoing PHC training

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The Ghana Statistical Service through the various Districts, Municipals and Metropolitants District Census Officials has clarified the amount to be received by each participant-trainee for the Population and Housing Census (PHC). A statement issued by the GSS and shared with EducandGhana.net indicates that the trainees will receive an of GH¢330 as allowance without any addition or subtraction. However, enumerators and Supervisors will receive GH¢2500 and GH¢2950 respectively. That is if you’re selected at the end of the training.

According to Remarks from Government statistician and Chief Census Officer for the opening ceremony 1st June 2021, Trainers both Supervisors and Enumerators are to received Training allowance of (Transport allowances) 330gh at the end of the training date scheduled , and the following are the details of payment;
The first tranche of 30% will be paid after first week of training , calculation below
30%÷ 330 ×100= 99 so this means that Trainers was to received their 30 percent of the allowance either yesterday or today.

The chief census Officer continue to break down of the allowance, again he then said that the second tranche of the 40% will be paid in the second week of training Wich is from Monday going , calculations below

The last tranche of the training allowances will be paid after the three days after start of the listing and we all know that the listing will be starting from 13th of June so three days after will be 16th June 2021, this Time the Government statistician didn’t indicate any certain percentage but we all know that percentage are sum of to 100% and we have 30%+40% =70% so with calculations it left with another 30% which will make up to 100% , calculations below
Remaining 30%÷330×100% = 99gh

In all the total amount of allowance to be yet received by the trainers will be 330 Ghana cedis.