Daniel Pfeiffer’s Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Career, Age, Parents, Wife, Awards, Social Media Handles

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Daniel Pfeiffer Biography

Meet Wilmington, Delaware native from the United States Daniel Pfeiffer whose real name is Howard Daniel Pfeiffer. The early life of this media personality indicates that he was a product of Wilmington Friends School at the high school level and continued to Georgetown University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Today, his performance and hard work during his school days have paid a lot and it’s now a reflection of who he is now.

Daniel Pfeiffer

Who is Daniel Pfeiffer?

Daniel Pfeiffer, Howard Daniel Pfeiffer, is known to be a political activist in the line of advisory, a writer, a podcast host and a former senior advisor to the former president, Barack Obama.

He worked as Obama’s longtime assistant in a variety of press and communications capacities during the 2008 presidential campaign, during the transition period, and in the White House Office.

Daniel Pfeiffer Net Worth: How Much Does he have?

Daniel Pfeiffer is known to have a net worth of $10 million. His work as a political advisor and a podcast host is a credit.

Daniel Pfeiffer Salary: How Much is he paid

Daniel Pfeiffer makes $97,786 a year in pay. This is based on the pay of White House anchors and reporters.

Daniel Pfeiffer Career

In the early years of the Clinton administration, Pfeiffer served as the spokesperson for the Community Oriented Policing Services. He became a member of the 2000 Al Gore presidential campaign’s communications staff.

He started working for the Democratic Governors Association after the United States presidential election of 2000, and he later did similar work for Senators Tim Johnson, Tom Daschle, and Evan Bayh. During the 2008 presidential campaign of Evan Bayh, he briefly served as the campaign’s communications director.

After Barack Obama’s first inauguration, Pfeiffer was named deputy White House communications director. Before that, she oversaw the Obama-Biden Transition team’s communications department after the 2008 US presidential election.

Pfeiffer was appointed White House Communications Director less than a year after Anita Dunn left her position. All of President Obama’s first term saw him continue in the position. He assumed most of the responsibilities previously handled by David Axelrod and David Plouffe in the White House Office when she was appointed senior advisor for strategy and communications at the beginning of President Obama’s second term. On March 6, 2015, he exited the Oval Office.

Yes, We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump, written by Pfeiffer, is a No. 1 New York Times Best Seller (2018). Pfeiffer relates the tale of “how Barack Obama navigated the bizarre political dynamics that produced [President] Trump, detailing why everyone got 2016 wrong and providing a path for where Democrats go from here” in his debut book.

Un-Trumping America: A Plan to Make America a Democracy Again, Pfeiffer’s second book, was released in February 2020. In it, he explains how Donald Trump was elected president because of, and not despite, the reality of American politics at the time.

Additionally, he presents a strategy for Democrats to defeat Republicans in the 2020 US presidential election and how to improve American democracy to stop future instances of Donald Trump.

Pfeiffer worked at GoFundMe from December 2015 until September 2017 as vice president for policy and communications after leaving the White House. The voting rights group Let America Vote, created by Jason Kander, a former host of Crooked Media, has Pfeiffer on its board of advisors.

Daniel Pfeiffer’s Parents Name

Daniel Pfeiffer was born to parents Gary Malick Pfeiffer and Vivian Lear Pfeiffer. His father Gary is known to be Dupont’s financial officer, while her mother is a learning specialist.

Daniel Pfeiffer Age: How Old is she?

Daniel Pfeiffer is 47 years old currently. He was born on December 24, 1975, in Wilmington, Delaware, in the United States.

Daniel Pfeiffer’s Wife’s Name

Daniel Pfeiffer is currently married to Howli Pfeiffer. They wedded in the year 2016 after he divorced one Sarah Feinberg. Rahm Emanuel’s senior advisor and a spokeswoman was Sarah Elizabeth Feinberg. Pfeiffer and Feinberg divorced after splitting up in 2011.

Daniel Pfeiffer’s current wife Howli was a former director of message planning in the White House official under President Obama. Kyla Ledbetter was born in May 2018 as a result of Ledbetter. A second child, named Jack, was born to them in March 2021.

Daniel Pfeiffer Awards

Daniel Pfeiffer has no outstanding awards at the time. However, looking at his personality and line of work, he might be a great contender in the future.

Daniel Pfeiffer Social Media Handles

 (@pfeiffer3342) is the Instagram handle of Daniel Pfeiffer with 319 posts and 16.8k followers. On Twitter he goes by the name @danpfeiffer) with 700k followers.