GNAT members amend constitution

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is the mother of teacher unions in Ghana. It has the largest membership as far as the teaching fraternity is concerned. Many members believe the monies being deducted as monthly dues by GNAT do reflect their expectations.
Observations made indicate that most members tend to blame the leadership of the union because they feel cheated. More to the point, many members believe that the union has not put much effort at the negotiation table when it comes to the working conditions of teachers.

However, according to information gathered by, there are various ways by which the dues are being managed and used for the benefit of its members.

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  1. The membership of GNAT isn’t stable due to how the members keep changing online and others exit their contributions(mutual fund) as a result the National GNAT finance committee agrees on 210,00 members as the number for dues calculation for the year 2020 in the payment of grants to locals, district and regions.
  2. You should note that 25% of your contribution(dues)is saved in your death or retirement account. 2,500 cedis is currently being paid to the retired or the dead members.
  3. Importantly, you must note that GNAT aspires for the professionalism of the teachers. At first, teachers were sponsored to study abroad and some end up not returning home. The in-service training and other training programs in mathematics, science, and ICT are all geared towards the professional need of the teacher- Canadian Teachers Federation (CTF).7% of the dues is allocated for that.
  4. The administrative expenditure is as follows; regions 3%, district 16%, and locals 5%. These monies are given as grants.
  5. 3% is reserve as well as 3% capital outlay.
  6. 34% is saved at GNAT headquarters of which 20% is used for paying the administrative staff,10% for conferences and meetings, and the remaining 4% goes to support the region but is shared 2% equalization and 2% by population.
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It is important to note that as a result of a national conference decision subsequently adopted by the national council, one-month dues out of 12 are reserve for the printing of souvenirs to its members at the end of each year.

Is GNAT the most transparent union in terms of dues disbursement??. Your comments are welcomed.
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