Direct, Mature, Post Diploma, Graduate & Post Graduate Diploma courses Differences

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Direct, Mature, Post Diploma, Graduate & Post Graduate Diploma courses Differences

Persons get confused with the various courses offered by the various universities in Ghana. This occurs mostly when individuals get the desire to climb the academic ladder. Many end up purchasing the wrong application voucher or form. This article mainly covers direct applicants, mature applicants, post-diploma applicants, graduate and post-graduate diploma applicants.


Direct application has to do with a person who wants to use his/her WASSCE/SSSCE certificate to gain entry into a tertiary institution.


This deals with persons who do not have the requirement to be admitted into a tertiary institution and will have to sit for a mature entrance exam which will qualify them for admission.

For example, a person having the requirement as a WASSCE applicant with D7 and above in his/her results and is above 25 years qualifies to apply as a mature applicant. Hence, a mature entrance exam needs to be written to enhance his/her chances of qualification into the institution.

Exams that are mostly written include General Aptitude test-GAT & Subject Area Test-SAT. Note that not only WASSCE Applicants can apply for mature but also Diploma and Higher National Diploma (HND) holders can also apply as Mature. Also, note that there is mature distance and mature direct as well.


This course or programme is mainly designed for individuals who have diplomas in a specific field of discipline and want to further their studies in the same field.

For example, having a diploma in basic education and wanting to pursue it for 2 years (basic education) or 3 or 4 years (secondary education) will lead to you being awarded a Bachelor’s Degree Certificate.


Individuals with their first degrees in either basic or secondary education are qualified to apply. Individuals who want to apply for the second degree (masters) upwards, such as a Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed.), Master of Arts (M.A), Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


This programme is mostly designed for graduates without an educational background who want to pursue education for a year.

There are people who are in the teaching fraternity from different fields. For such people to qualify as professional teachers, they need to complete a one-year educational course.


Direct, Mature, Post Diploma, Graduate & Post Graduate Diploma courses Differences