Directors forcefully creating bank accounts for newly trained teachers-the woes

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Here is what newly trained teachers go through after some district directors forcefully create bank accounts in designated banks for them-GES must at now

No service is free at the various district offices of the Ghana Education Service across the country for teachers to extent of endorsing of letters are paid for by teachers with their meager salaries. This has been the norm but we can decide to overlook it as if this article did not make mention of it. 

However, newly trained teachers must be allowed to receive some fresh air before they are met with acts of these sought.

Newly trained teachers go through a lot of struggles before they are put on the payroll. The struggle of writing licensure exams, the struggle of serving the nation for a year, and the struggle for biometric registration are their bedfellows.

Alongside these, the problem of some district directors forcefully creating bank accounts for these newly trained teachers has been the order of the day. Recently, some media outlets reported on similar issues in various districts including the Techiman South municipal. They illegally create bank accounts for newly trained teachers without their concern. Individuals who went to fill their IPPD forms with their personal bank account are bounced back. The education directorates authorities normally threaten these newly trained teachers of forfeiting their salaries if they refuse to accept their terms and conditions.

According to reports gathered by our news team, a similar incidence does happen every year to every batch of newly trained teachers. One of our reporters unanimously spoke to a teacher who was posted in 2017 to the Kintampo South District in the Bono East Region. He revealed that;

“He was happy to serve in the Ghana Education Service when he was first posted to serve in the district only for him to realize that nothing works in the service. Most district directors of education flout on the directives of their superiors for their self-fish interest. I came to fill my IPPD forms with my commercial bank account only to be told by the IPPD coordinator that the I can only use GN bank accounts for the filling of the forms or else my forms will not be sent to Accra for final processing. I agreed and created the accounts in GN bank located in my hometown. On arrival to the office to complete the IPPD forms, I was told to go the nearby GN bank in the district which was just a stone throw from the Kintampo south education office. I abandoned the newly created GN bank account and created another one with the same bank before I was allowed to complete the forms. Do these officers have to stress newly trained teachers all in the name of commission that will pay to them for bringing in customers? The creation of bank accounts is a personal responsibility and not social responsibility as GES does”


In the victim’s narration, he indicated that not long after, the bank (GN) started to collapse due to the banking sector cleanup. The bank could not get the minimum required capital to sustain bank. Payment of salaries by the bank was nothing to write home about. These newly trained teachers will have to wrestle with the branch manager before part of their salaries were paid to them. However, some were not paid at all. Hunger was tearing them apart due to the selfishness and the decision to disobey their superiors’ directives.

“I don’t think this would have happened to me if I was allowed to use my commercial bank account. I depended on my parents and it was like hell”, the victim narrated.

It will however interest you to know that these officers who forcefully asked these newly trained teachers to create the bank account with GN could not help them change their banks to keep their salaries flowing. Most of these people have to borrow from friends and pass through back-door to get their problem solved.

“I know as a reader, if you were once a victim, will know what I’m saying, I mean we could not get our problems resolved through this same office who which created the GN bank accounts for us”

According to the victim, as at now some salaries of theirs are still locked up in the bank and they do not know when they would be paid.

Is this how the newly trained teacher with dreams be treated?  The Ghana Education Service, the Ghana National Association of Teachers, Coalition of Concerned Teachers and the National Association of Graduate Teachers, The Ministry of Education, and other major stakeholders must rise and fight this canker as this devalues the interest of young people who have the passion to be teachers.


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