Distribution of laptops without digitization of lesson note is a total waste of resources

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Distribution of laptops without digitization of lesson note is a total waste of resources

The Ministry of Education in collaboration with the teacher unions has taken a great decision to distribute laptops to Public school teachers across Ghana. This is a heartwarming decision and has been lauded by many educational stakeholders.

The Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, and the various teacher unions are mute on whether teachers will have to dub lesson notes into books after the distribution of the said laptops.

However, the distribution will be meaningless when the GES still imposes the writing of lesson notes on its employees in the classroom. Spending time to write lesson notes has its implications which cause more harm to the student than good. Some of these implications are;
Most teachers will have to spend part of instructional hours to prepare the notes at the expense of the Pupils, Since we are in the technological world, Teachers need a lot of time to do external researches, thus, he/she needs to use the internet and other resources to enhance their pedagogy. Teachers rather waste all the available time to write lesson notes which one may not even study the content and the methodologies to be used in delivering the lesson in class. Is this not a waste of the pupils’ and the teachers’ precious time?

Moreover, many teachers believe that the most important thing to GES as it employer is the lesson notes therefore writing of it caters to the work to be done in the classroom. School Improvement Support Officers (SISOs) formerly Circuit Supervisors will go round schools daily to inspect lesson notes leaving the remaining task unattended. Therefore every teacher makes it a point to possess an up-to-date lesson note but may not do needful tasks in the classroom because the classroom work is considered unnecessary because the focus of GES is on the writing of the lesson notes. This is what the system is like out here.

The Ghana Education Service in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the teacher unions should this time around accept digitization of lesson notes to ease the stress on teachers. There should be software installed on the laptops to make lesson notes easily accessible to all teachers. Better still, officially made lesson notes can be uploaded on the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) or on the GES official website for teachers to download. This will go a long way to promote uniformity in the Ghanaian Education System.

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