Factors to consider in adapting stories for pupils.

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The stories teachers use in the classroom can sometimes be adapted to suit the level of the primary pupils and lower primary pupils. The factors to consider when adapting these stories include;

  1. Make the story structure simple by using simple structures in place of difficult ones.
  2. Reduce the details of the story and let the main event stand out .
  3. Use time words like”long long ago”, “One day”, “Once upon a time”, “once”
  4. Use vocabulary that pupils are familiar with in place of complex ones in the story.

Factors to consider when selecting stories for children

PICTURE BOOKS STORIES: Children learn to read by reading pictures. Therefore, they develop their own stories based on their choice of books. Their choice of stories are usually based on their previous experiences.
As the child is firstly introduced to art, there is a need to use a variety of illustrations and monitor which among them has the greatest appeal. Consider these factors: The story book should contain large, simple pictures Free from distraction. Too many details confuse youngsters.

Choose books with bright, happy colors and bug pictures. Young children are visual and respond to bright primary colors and bug pictures which bring out their emotions and stimulate their imagination.

The book should help the child think about good values. Books for children should carry messages and not necessarily preach or teach. This will help them to embrace good values.
The book should be free of all bias-including age, gender and race. Choose books written in rhyme or books that uses repetition. Young children love rhyme and repetition and want to hear the stories again and again and say aloud the repetitive phrases themselves. This type of books teaches the repetition of rythym and flow of language. Choose books that your young child will especially love and that fit his personality. For example, if your child is crazy about dogs, it goes without saying that he will love dog-related books. Likewise, if your child love cars, he will especially enjoy stories with cars in them. Many children love to learn about objects and animals at their younger age.

The text should be written in a fast moving plot with a positive closing. Children’s books often have a happy-ever-ending. The age and class of the story will determine the cognitive ability of the Pupils to understand the story.