Factors to consider when designing motivational policies for teachers

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Teachers’ motivation in Ghana is one of the areas that is overlooked by the employer, thus the Ghana Education Service and the major stakeholders involved.

Teachers’ motivation policies in Ghana must be considered by the following factors:

Concerns of the Parents’ Teachers Association (PTA)

The Parent’s Teachers Association (PTA) is an autonomous body that is made up of parents or guardians who have sought admission for their children in a school for them to be taught by the teachers. comprises the union of parents who have brought their wards to school and the teachers of their wards. The PTA of schools plays a major role as far as teacher motivation is concerned. In most cases where there is a vibrant PTA, the motivation of teachers is initiated and implemented by them.


 Teacher performance

The performance of teachers is one of the most considered factors that count for a teacher to be motivated. All employees within a particular company are different and, therefore, are motivated to perform well for different reasons. It is important for a manager to get to know his/her employees and understand what motivates their performance due to their differences within an organization, this because if you want to be successful in motivating people, then you have to begin by accepting and trying to understand individual differences.  Teachers, in particular, have the feeling that the teaching job is worthwhile hence employees take personal responsibility for their work and believe that their positive impact in the society and will strive hard to perform very well leading to employee loyalty and improved productivity.

Work Environment of the Teacher

The working environment of teachers in Ghana is one of the major problems we have. Some schools are under trees which make teaching very difficult. This however demotivates teachers. Teachers have a desire to be part of a company with a positive and encouraging work environment hence equity in the workplace must be embraced by the employer.

Public Recognition

Teachers need to be motivated because they are the people who work daily in the classroom to live out the values of the Ghana Education Service. Employees like to receive acknowledgment and praise from their employers for a job done. Since Praise is an excellent motivator, if the Ghana Education Service makes public recognition a part of their normal protocol will definitely create an environment for employees (teachers) to perform well.

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