February 2023 Salary Arrears Payment to GES Staff-Details

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February 2023 Salary Arrears Payment to GES Staff-Details

Arrears on teacher salaries in Ghana are due payment in the month of February 2023. Non-teaching staff is likewise eligible for the aforementioned arrears.

What caused the payment of arrears?

The service typically pays a set amount of money to complement the regular salaries provided, generally following the GES’s trends in teacher promotion and upgrading.

Teachers who are promoted or elevated to new ranks are typically expected to be paid arrears of three months or more.

Additionally, employees who have been placed on responsibility allowance while doing additional duties are likely to get their arrears paid. Which GES employees are eligible for responsibility payments? Check out the long list >>Here

Who qualify to be paid salary Arrears?

Promotional or upgrade-eligible GES employees are eligible to receive arrears. The term “promotion” or “upgrading” refers to a change in rank.

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Additionally, a worker who has been paid irregularly for a while qualifies for arrears. For instance, a worker whose salary has been reinstated is eligible to receive wage arrears.

When will the arrears be paid?

The arrears that were noted during the salary validation in January 2023 will be paid in February. All arrears were supposed to be paid last month, but due to input issues and calculation errors, payments were put off until February 2023, according to the controller and accountant general.

How much is the arrears?

If you fall under this category, you should anticipate receiving an arrears payment of GHS 3,000 or more.