#FIXGES: Check out some mind baffling experiences shared by teachers

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#FIXGES: Check out some mind baffling experiences shared by teacher-netizens

As part of the #FIXGES campaign which was launched by Micheal Owusu Afriyie popularly known as Teacher Kwadwo some few days ago, many teachers have taken to social media to express how bad their employer, thus, Ghana Education Service met out unfair treatment to them.

According to the famous comic actor/teacher, aside from the inhuman treatments that teachers and learners go through in Government schools especially those in villages, most district directors of education and their counterparts in the villages have taken upon themselves to take unlawful monies from teachers with intimidation.

“whenever they wanna use that intimidation to tsk money from you and you say no, they will sideline you from their books. They will make sure you feel uncomfortable till you quit the job. na teaching salary no how much is it that u still wanna take some from them? hur!!! charlie it’s sad oo,” he lamented.

Many teachers reacted to the post with bitter experience after he posted. Below are some of the reactions from persons in the chalk fraternity;

"They'll form a compulsory welfare association with or without the teachers' consent within circuits as well as the whole municipal...COMPLAIN and u are threatened with transfer or open release...
The GES MUNICIPAL office ll take monies from every individual teacher in the MUNICIPALITY for pensions day celebrations despite the district/municipal welfare monthly deduction ... You DARE NOT to pay and you are victimized"
"And the most painful thing some district directors will force the newly posted teachers in thier district to go open accounts with these smaller banks in the district for them to get some commission and war to u if you decide not to go by their instructions. Even these banks koara they dnt have even 5 braches in this country.oh Ghana"
"After serving for 4 to 5 years, you need to pay ghc2000 at Accra Metro office before you can be transferred. And you will be forced to declare you dont need the transportation allowance so they pocket it"
"Don’t mind them. A friend of mine went to the district office to submit his forms for promotion to the IPPD and the officer said he’s taking GH 50 else he should go away with his forms and come back later.  Yesterday was 21st. Where is a teacher going to get that kind of money to dash you for a job you are suppose to do" #FIXGES
"Exactly oo.. during my confirmation few months ago as  a newly posted teacher.  This SISO and officials came to supervise my work. Some of the teachers collected monies for them but for me I DIDN'T PAY.  Dared them not to confirm me and see wetin go happe" 
"I  remember my colleague was demoted as head and later transfered to a remote village because he didn't withdraw capitation grant. Meanwhile when u send the SPIP the way they will stretch u as if u r going to chop the money itself. Hmmmm this job God deliver us..#FIXGES"