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GES Higher Ranks Promotion: Why salaries were not adjusted as expected-Explained

GES Higher Ranks Promotion: Why salaries were not adjusted as expected-Explained

Teachers of higher ranks in the Ghana Education Service (GES) after promotion are in a state of dilemma about how the adjustments in their salaries were made.


The GES in August 2021 commenced putting teachers on their rightful ranks after passing the February aptitude test. However, not all teachers who sailed through have been put on their right scale.

The service earlier indicated that this year’s promotion was batch-based hence teachers are being put on scale in bits.


The observation made by Educandghana reveals that most teachers are confused as to how the grading was done by Ghana Education Service.

Most teachers who have been put on scale have the notion that they have been cheated by their employer. This is very common among teachers who were promoted from Assistant Director II to the Assistant Director I (ADI) rank.


Most of these service personnel mostly have extra responsibilities attached to their normal teaching duty in schools. They have mostly form masters, housemasters, heads of departments, etc.

Let’s say, you were at the Assistant Director II rank with two additional responsibilities such as House Master and Form master with the SS PSL 19 Point 5 and you are promoted to Assistant Director II with an extra responsibility added to the initial two, this is what happens.


PSL 20 Point 1 will be your new scale, but not PSL 21 Point 1. This is because if you were a Deputy Director (that’s LEVEL 20.1). In that case, you would have been placed on LEVEL 21.1 because there is a vacant step between DEPUTY DIRECTOR and DIRECTOR II (which is Level 21.1, which is District Director).

The senior high schools’ heads are deputy directors (Level 20) hence they are placed on level 21 to cater for the responsivity allowance.


However, there is no vacant step between AD I (19.1) and Deputy Director (Level 20.1), but to cater for the responsibility allowance, you are placed on the minimum point of a Deputy Director rank.



  1. Muniru Futah says:

    I sat and passed the February promotion exams and have been put on scale this October but without payment of arrears. I want to know why. I was promoted from assistant director of education 11to assistant director of education 1.

  2. Even those of us teachers who have been delayed for our promotion (2014) batch and our Juniors have been added to us to write the 2020/2021 promotion exams should have been backdated on the payment of our arrears. We had been cheated by GES.

  3. Salifu Haruna says:

    BA integrated Development studies and PGD in Geography

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