GES Intervention Allowances-Check Your Region/School

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The government of Ghana has released the academic intervention allowances for 2022. The said money is paid to cater for the extra classes organized for senior high school students. The intervention is supposed to be paid every year but was only paid in the 2018/2019 academic year. The government this year has released the 2022 intervention monies to the Ghana Education Service (GES).

All staff members on RETIREMENT, irrespective of their date of retirement are NOT to benefit from this money. Even if that staff retired last week.

Also, all staff members on transfer to new schools including newly recruited staff ARE TO BENEFIT FROM THEIR CURRENT SCHOOLS. The GES has warned that heads should ensure that no staff members in their schools are left behind. Meanwhile, members with any difficulty with disbursement and benefitting should kindly call on the chairman or any other executive member.

In this article, we are also to share with you the amounts disbursed to each senior high school with respect to regions.

Check out the intervention monies disbursed to each school below by downloading the Excel templates below;